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Vans Circle Vee Shoes

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Every little bit helps regarding sustainability for our planet. The progressive Vans Circle Vee shoes feature the environmentally friendly EcoCush™ biofoam drop-in midsole and the responsibly sourced EcoWaffle™ rubber outsole. The Circle Vee upper, which is made from organic cotton, hemp, and nylon, is stitched directly to the outsole to help reduce the amount of glues and excess material. Developed for all day comfort and support, the EcoCush™ drop in footbed is made from plant based oils without sacrificing performance. All linings and laces also consist of organic cotton, hemp, and just natural fibers.

Primary Upper Materials
  • Textile
  • EcoCush™
  • Organic Cotton
  • Hemp
  • Nylon
  • EcoCush™ Midsole
  • EcoWaffle™

EcoCush™ - The EcoCush™ drop-in footbed consists of 70% biobased FATES™ foam, derived from plant-based oils without sacrificing performance. Provides all day comfort and support with a molded heel cup and arch shape. With 70% less Carbon Dioxide emissions than polyurethane, they also have no toxic solvents and heavy metals.

Material Explanation

Hemp Fiber - A breathable fabric with antimicrobial properties. It holds its shape better than cotton and is stronger too. The plant and products are more durable, taking less of a toll on the Earth.

Organic Cotton - Grown without petroleum-based fertilizers and pesticides, organic cotton is healthier choice for the Earth, the people working in the fields and for you the consumer.

Here's why:

When compared to conventional cotton, organic cotton per 1,000kg of fiber used in apparel results in:

46% less CO² equivalent emissions (which are significant contributors to global warming)

70% less SO² (Sulfur Dioxide) equivalent emissions; a driver of soil acidification and thus, acid rain.

26% less PO4³ (Phosphate) equivalent; a measure of eutrophication potential (the potential for the creation of aquatic dead-zones)

62% less primary energy demand (PED), measured in MJ, from non-renewable sources like petroleum and natural gas that depend on fossil resources.

The consumption of up to 91% less non-rain water (blue water) while typically requiring less irrigation.


EcoCush™ Midsole - EcoCush™ biofoam drop-in midsole is made from 70% biobased foam, derived from plant-based oils without sacrificing performance. This new midsole provides ultimate all-day comfort and support.

EcoWaffle™ - Developed and engineered to maintain Vans' famous grip and durability, this eco rubber compound is made from responsibly sourced natural rubber instead of petroleum based synthetic rubber.