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Best Beginner Skateboards

Learning to skateboard may be difficult, but choosing a beginner skateboard shouldn't. This guide reviews the many sizes and shapes to consider when buying your first skateboard. We recommend starting with a complete skateboard because they come pre-built with all the parts you need to get rolling. We have a huge selection of quality skateboards for skaters of every age, gender and style. The best beginner skateboard is right at your fingertips.

Best Skateboards for Beginners

We recommend choosing a setup that is mostly symmetrical with a deck size that is proportional to the size of your feet. Soft skateboard wheels are best for beginners because they offer a smooth ride and are less likely to get hung up on cracks and rocks.


Best Beginner Skateboards

Beginner Skateboards for Every Age

Unlike the cheap skateboards from some big box stores, all our skateboards have durable, high quality parts that won't hold you or your kids back from having fun.

Check out our Skateboard Sizes & Buying Guide for all the details on how to choose skateboard size.

Best Beginner Skateboards for Adults


Adults, teenagers and anyone with a shoe size men's 8 or larger will fit best on a skateboard of 7.5" or larger. Adults come in as many sizes and shapes as skateboards, so there are many more full-size skateboard options for full-size adults. However, 8.0" - 8.25" wide standard skateboards are by far the most popular because they fit most feet and offer a good blend of response and stability for all types of skateboarding.


Beginner Skateboards for Adults

Beginner Longboards & Cruiser Skateboards

Longboards and Cruiser skateboards are also great options for beginners because they come with larger soft wheels and more stable skateboard decks. We recommend these types of skateboards if you are less interested in tricks and would like a larger platform to learn how to balance, turn and push around town.

Check out our Longboard Sizes & Buying Guide for more info on how to choose a longboard.

Cruiser Skateboards



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