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Skateboarding is diverse and there is a wide range of styles and types of skating. From street skating to transition skating, or simply just cruising to the store and even riding hills on a longboard, each type of skating has specific features that make it more suitable for that particular type of skateboarding. The key factor in all of this is choosing the right skateboard deck.
The shape and size of a deck can significantly impact a skater's ability to perform specific tricks. For instance, street skaters typically prefer decks with a symmetrical shape and a popsicle-stick design that allows for quick, sharp turns and flips. On the other hand, transition skaters need decks with a wider shape to maintain stability and speed when skating in bowls, ramps, and other types of transition. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced skater, understanding the unique features of each type of skateboard can help you make an informed decision when selecting your next board.


We have broken the following categories into 5 different types of skateboards-  

Best skateboards for beginners: These skateboards are perfect for those who are just starting their skateboarding journey. They come fully assembled and ready to skate with the deck, grip tape, trucks, wheels, bearings, and hardware.  

Best skateboards for street skating: If you are a street skateboarder and want a deck that is typically a popsicle shape and great for flip tricks, rails, ledges, and more. These decks are for you.    

Best skateboards for transition skating: Transition skateboards are designed for bowls, pools, vert, and more. They are typically wider in shape and may even have a slightly shorter nose and a longer tail. If that sounds like your type of ride, you know where to look.  

Best cruiser boards: If you're looking to cruise through your neighborhood, search no further. Cruiser skateboards are designed for transportation and cruising around town rather than for performing tricks. They typically have wider and longer decks than standard skateboards, which provide a more stable and comfortable ride.  

Best longboards: Longboards are perfect for those who enjoy pushing long distances or racing downhill. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to cater to different styles of riding.  


Best Skateboards For Beginners

These skateboards are perfect for those who are just starting to skateboard. They typically have a standard popsicle-shaped skateboard deck and soft wheels, which provide a smoother ride for beginners. Complete skateboards are an excellent choice for those that are just starting out because they come pre-built with all the necessary parts to get you skating right away.


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Best Skateboards For Street Skating

The best skateboards for street skating are standard skateboards with nearly symmetrical popsicle stick-shaped decks. Street skaters usually also prefer smaller wheels (50-54mm) and narrower decks (8.0" - 8.5") because they make it easier to ollie, do flip tricks, and land switch.


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Best Skateboards For Transition Skating

Transition skateboarding involves riding on ramps, bowls, and other transitions, and there are skateboards designed to handle these unique demands. Transition skateboards typically feature wider decks (8.5" - 9.0"+) that provide greater stability and control. Additionally, some transition skateboards may have a slightly shorter nose and a longer tail, which can help with turning and carving in bowls and pools. If you're looking for a skateboard that can get you charging through transition, you are in the right place. 


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Best Cruiser Boards

Skateboards used for transportation and cruising are usually wider or longer decks that can offer increased stability and comfort, and kicktails are helpful for maneuvering in tight spaces. The boards are usually paired with larger and softer wheels (58-65mm) to handle rough surfaces like rocks, uneven pavement, and cracked concrete. If you are looking to take a cruise in your neighborhood or just skate to the store and back, these are the boards for you. 


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Best Longboards

Longboards are perfect for those who enjoy pushing long distances or racing downhills. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to cater to different styles of riding. Some longboards have drop-through decks, which provide a lower center of gravity for added stability at high speeds.


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