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Jones Mercury Snowboard Bindings 2024

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Ride Style
All Mountain
Versatile, designed for riding all types of terrain
Medium Stiff
Increased response and support for riding all types of terrain
Binding Straps
Ultimate support, comfort and fit with advanced design features
4-Hole + Channel
Fits standard 4-hole and The Channel® mounting systems


Designed for freestyling freeriders, the Mercury bindings feature 3D Flex Fit 2.0 toe straps that conform to any boot shape, and the tried and true Power Spine ankle strap with a softer bottom section for enhanced comfort and a stiffer center spine for ultimate response. They also feature Flip-It technology to allow you to easily switch between a more playful ride style in surf mode, or experience a more locked in ride style in the freeride mode, for unsurpassed response and flexibility.

Key Features
  • Skate Tech™ Base
  • Freeride + Surf Mode
  • Control Flex Highback
  • Flushcup Technology
  • Comfort Foot Pillow Cusioning
  • Hanger 3.0
  • Nylon / Recycled Carbon Post
  • Kingpin
  • Hanger
  • Bushings
  • Post
  • Power Spine Ankle Straps
  • 3D Flex Fit Toe Straps
  • Asym Buckles
  • Hinge Connector Strap Attachment + Pre-curved Ladders
  • Lifetime Warranty (Limited, See Details)
  • Tool-less Strap Adjustment


Key Features

Skate Tech™ Base - An added "Hanger" acts as a lever that transfers energy input from the straps to the “Bushings” and onto the board edges. The “Kingpin” acts as the fulcrum for the “Hanger” and magnifies the energy transfer through leverage. Your feet stay more relaxed and comfortable because the bindings transfer power to the board with less work.

Freeride + Surf Mode - Jones bindings offer customizable damping and response by switching between Surf Mode and Freeride Mode.

Freeride Mode: Keeps you locked in for maximum response. Position the wide half of the strap above the buckle for more lateral support and board response. Use Hard Bushings.

Surf Mode: Lets you tweak harder. Position the wide half of the strap below the buckle for solid heel support but more ankle flexibility for getting loose. Use Soft Bushings.


Control Flex Highback - Designed for balanced response and flex with a mid-wide profile and mid-stiff flex letting you lock in turns or tweak airs.

Asym highback with wider lateral side for added toe side turn support.

Stiff middle spine for solid carving performance.

Flexible side edges for added freestyle performance.

Tool-less forward lean adjustment.

Highback Flex Rating: 6

Flushcup Technology - Stacked highback / heelcup assembly creates a flush, inner surface.

Heelcup design prevents heel lift with or without the highbacks.

Noback mode built-in design.


Comfort Foot Pillow Cusioning - Full length EVA foam footbed that maximizes binding comfort while minimizing foot fatigue. The 3D molded footbed surface offers supreme traction for any boot tread pattern and prevents snow build-up.

Hanger 3.0 - Nylon Reinforced with 30% Fiberglass, the hanger pivots on the Kingpin like a lever allowing lightning fast edge-to-edge energy transfer. True baseless design that delivers the most even board flex of any binding on the market.

Kingpin - A stainless steel Kingpin creates a fulcrum that magnifies edge to edge energy transfer through leverage (uses 4mm Allen key hardware).

Hanger - Made from Nylon reinforced with 30% fiberglass, it's a lever that pivots on Kingpin. Transfer energy input from straps to bushings and onto board edges. The baseless design allows for even board flex.

Bushings - Offers a customizable damping system.

Post - Made from Nylon and recycled Carbon, this is the connection between binding and board.


Power Spine Ankle Straps - New two-part molded ankle strap with a wider bottom section for flexible comfort and a stiffer center spine for unmatched response. Flip-it Strap compatible (Freeride mode + Surf Mode).

3D Flex Fit Toe Straps - Low profile and grippy 3D Flex Fit toe straps that dynamically stretch to fit any shape boot. The spider web inspired design is comfortable, durable and responsive.

Asym Buckles - Bombproof buckles made from aircraft-grade alloy featuring ultra-strong levers and springs. Triple action ratchet design increases speed of entry and release.


Lifetime Warranty (Limited, See Details) - Covered by the manufacturer's lifetime warranty on binding Hanger and Post. One year manufacturer's warranty on all other binding components.


Men's Boot Sizes (US):7.5 - 10 10.5+