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Tactics Core Values

#1 A Commitment to Deliver Stoke! An inspired customer-centric culture is the heart of our company. What is good for our customers is good for Tactics. We seek to consistently exceed our customers' expectations, embrace them into the Tactics tribe, and inspire them to become Tactics ambassadors to the world. Step 1 - figure out what will make our customers happy. Step 2 - make them happy.

#2 Positivity. Positivity and optimism is in our soul. We value and strive to always maintain a supportive team environment and family spirit. The first step to overcoming any obstacle is to be in the right mindset: nothing is impossible. Maintaining this optimistic world view allows us to take challenges head-on and with a smile.

#3 Have Fun. We sell fun, so we are a part of the fun, and our company culture strives to reflect that at all times. We want the company to have a unique, enjoyable, engaging, and memorable personality. Work hard, play hard, live large!

#4 Hard Working and Determined. We value perseverance, resiliency, extra effort, and a sense of urgency. We must get better at everything we do, every day, and we must have the grit and determination to ensure excellence in everything we do. We must never lose our sense of urgency to progress and improve (see Tactics core value #8). Do More With Less is our mantra to embrace.

#5 Be Passionate. We are inspired because we believe in what we do and how we do it. We live, eat, and breathe skate, snow, and style. Much of our endless energy comes from our customers’ individuality and connection to action sports, music, art, and fashion. We are motivated to attain what our competitors cannot.

#6 Authenticity. Our credibility comes from our passion for what we do, our roots, our expertise, and our superior service. We are real people - dedicated and solid - just like you.

#7 Consciousness & Respect. We welcome customers of all styles, abilities, and interests. We treat others how we would want to be treated. We strive to be a Conscious Company - committed to environmental and social responsibility - we owe it to you and to your great-grandchildren.

#8 Embrace and Drive Change. We want to take risks and pursue learning and growth. We embrace Kaizen - the Japanese practice of "change for the better" (Kai=change / Zen=good) and a business philosophy of continuous improvement.

#9 Honest and Open Communication. Honesty is one of the fundamental tenets of a personal honor code (don't lie, cheat, or steal) and it is also an essential Tactics company value. Straight-up, open communication is vital and it is a catalyst for continual improvement, which means the more of it, the better. The Tactics atmosphere relies on collaboration, understanding, integrity, and respect. We want to build lasting, open relationships with our customers, vendors, partners, and each other that will endure for a lifetime.

#10 Be Humble. We must always remember our company's modest roots - that we started in a garage in 1999 and persevered through lean times. We are not arrogant and never take anything for granted. There are still many challenges ahead.