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CAPiTA brought a fresh take to snowboarding when the scene at the end of the 20th century. Embracing a DIY approach, CAPiTA was started as a renegade brand to put snowboardings future back in the hands of snowboarders. The all-hands-on-deck approach created an inseparable team of individuals. From edgy snowboard graphics to unapologetic print ads, CAPiTA never backed down from challenging the status quo of what a snowboarding brand should be. CAPiTA’s image soon became the envy of larger and more established brands.

In 2014 CAPiTA would start building what they now refer to as ‘The Mothership’, the world’s first 100% clean energy snowboard manufacturing facility. This hydro powered factory is where all CAPiTA snowboards are hand-made. With a company mantra of “everything is possible”, CAPiTA continues to push snowboarding in the right direction.