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At Tactics, we know the significance of choosing the perfect snowboard. Your snowboard is like the cornerstone of a great time on the mountain - it sets the tone for your experience on the Mountain. Explore our selection of snowboards to discover the one that fits your style and the terrain you are looking to tackle.

All Mountain Snowboards

When sticking to one type of terrain just isn't your style, all-mountain boards step in as your versatile solution. These boards are the ultimate multitaskers, primed to handle whatever challenges the mountain serves up. Combining the best features from various snowboard styles, all-mountain boards offer a seamless blend of freestyle fun and freeride control.

Featuring a balanced flex and reliable stability, these boards are perfect for riders seeking a well-rounded experience without sacrificing performance. Whether you're carving up groomed trails, hitting jumps in the terrain park, or seeking fresh powder off the beaten path, all-mountain boards are engineered to excel in any conditions. So, if you're ready to tackle every inch of the mountain, all-mountain snowboards are your go-to companions for an unforgettable ride.

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Park Snowboards

If you enjoy doing tricks, jumps, and being creative on the slopes, park boards are perfect for you. They have a playful design and add some style to your riding. These freestyle snowboards are usually feature a softer flex rating, and twin tip shape allowing you to flex your board and tweak your tricks with ease.

Their emphasis on flexibility and pop allows you to express your creativity and style. Whether you're a beginner ready to dive into the world of tricks or an experienced rider looking to take your park game to the next level, park boards are your tool for the job.

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Powder Snowboards

Imagine effortlessly gliding through pristine, untouched snow – that's the magic of powder snowboards. These boards are your gateway to unlocking that dreamy experience on epic powder days when the mountain beckons and the snow is your canvas. While powder days often mean navigating steep and challenging slopes, with a powder snowboard, you're the one in command.

Crafted with the steeper terrain of powder days in mind, these boards are equipped to handle the exhilarating slopes that come with powder riding. The distinctive shape, setback stance, and often a rocker camber profile provide the stability and control necessary to conquer even the most demanding descents.

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