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Step one: get rolling. Step two: get ripping. Serving the skateboarding community is our goal and one of the ways we succeed in that is by providing the highest quality at the lowest prices that we can. Skateboard wheels come in tons of different styles, shapes and sizes, each bringing a unique advantage to the table. We offer wheels for traditional skateboarding, longboarding and cruising.

Standard skate wheels are the best for skating parks or ripping tricks in the streets. These wheels range in sizes from 50mm to 64mm, with sizes in the 53mm to 55mm range being the most versatile and common. Use our filter option to find the size you’re looking for.

Top brands like Spitfire, Bones and OJ wheels offer many different profiles and hardnesses. Each one excels in different situations. From narrow to wide wheel shapes, there’s a shape that will fit your style and help your skateboarding. Different hardnesses change the way the wheel performs in different terrains. Softer wheels in the 92-95a range will roll smoother on rougher terrain, but won’t slide as well when you need them to. Wheels in the 99-101a range will be best on smooth concrete like you’d find at a skatepark or plaza.

Skateboard wheels are pretty much all made out of urethane, but their riding surfaces will vary. Smooth wheels are the most common and do everything well, while treaded wheels will have more grip, and stone ground wheels will slide best.

Many of these principles will apply to longboard wheels and cruiser wheels too. For more information on skateboard wheels check out our guide to choosing skateboard wheels, or contact our knowledgeable customer service staff.