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Ricta Cloud Cruiser Skateboard Wheels - white/red chrome (86a)Ricta Cloud Cruiser Skateboard Wheels white/red chrome (86a) $31.95 (20% off)Extra 10% Off With Code: EXTRA10
Tactics Global Div Skateboard Wheels - white (99a)Tactics Global Div Skateboard Wheels white (99a) $16.95 (15% off)Extra 10% Off With Code: EXTRA10

Serving the skateboarding community is our goal and one of the ways we succeed in that is by providing the highest quality at the lowest prices that we can. Skateboard wheels come in tons of different styles, shapes, and sizes, each bringing a unique advantage to the table. We offer wheels for traditional skateboards, longboards, and cruiser boards. Finding the best skateboard wheels is personal preference based on the kind of skateboarding that you want to do. If you are a beginner, we recommend a mid-sized (52mm-54mm) skate wheel with a medium durometer (90a - 99a).

Different Skateboard Wheels for Different Types of Boards

Top brands like Spitfire, Bones, and OJ wheels offer many different sizes and durometers (hardness). Each one excels in different situations. From narrow to wide wheel shapes, there's a shape that will fit your style and help your skateboarding. Different durometers change the way the wheel performs in different terrains. Softer wheels in the 92-95a range will roll smoother on rougher terrain, but won't slide as well when you need them to. Wheels in the 99-101a range will be best on smooth concrete like you'd find at a skatepark or plaza. This makes it easier to do ollies, flip tricks, power slides, and other technical tricks.

For more information on skateboard wheels check out our guide to choosing skateboard wheels, or contact our knowledgeable customer service staff.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wheels for Skateboards

What different types of skateboard wheels are there?

Skateboard wheels are mostly made of polyurethane and come in different types of riding surfaces. Smooth wheels are versatile and commonly used for various types of skating. Treaded wheels offer more grip and are suitable for rough or slippery surfaces. Stone ground wheels are roughened for easier sliding and are preferred by advanced riders. The riding surface of skateboard wheels affects their grip, slide, and performance.

How often should I replace my skateboard wheels?

Skateboard wheels will wear down over time with use, and it's recommended to replace them once they become significantly worn or damaged. The rate of wear depends on factors such as the type of terrain you skate on, your weight, and your skating style. As a general guideline, if the wheels are flat-spotted, have a significantly reduced diameter, or have lost their grip, it's time to replace them. Read more in our guide for changing your skateboard wheels.

Can I mix and match different types of skateboard wheels on my setup?

Yes, you can mix and match different types of skateboard wheels on your setup, although it may affect your riding experience. For example, having different durometer (hardness) or riding surface types on your wheels may result in uneven grip or slide performance. It's generally recommended to use wheels of the same type, size, and durometer for a consistent ride. However, some skateboarders may intentionally mix wheels to achieve specific performance characteristics for their desired style of skating.

Still Have Questions?

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