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Snowboard Goggles

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If you can’t see your lines you won’t be able to hit them. Fogged up goggles are a snowboarder’s nemesis, but luckily we have some of the best snowboard goggles in the game. Whether you’re buying your first set of snowboarding gear or you just need to replace your old goggles because you hucked it a little too deep and they were claimed by the mountain, we’ve got you covered.

Snowboard goggles are a pretty simple, yet vital, piece of equipment. Having a clear view of the mountain and what’s in front of you doesn’t only let you ride better, it also keeps you and other riders safe from collisions. From basic, no frills, grab-and-go googles, to goggles with the latest tech and customizability, a good set of goggles is a game changer.

Some goggles come with one set of lenses, while others come with extra goggle lenses. Different tints excel in different lighting situations, so having a spare lens allows you to use one set of goggles in many different situations. Using goggles that have good quick lens changing systems is a big benefit. Systems like Dragon’s Switflock and Smith’s I/O Mag utilize small levers that clip in their lenses so swapping them out takes seconds.

Another important factor to consider when buying goggles is the frame size. If you have a smaller head or prefer a tighter feel, small frame goggles or medium frame goggles will be ideal. If you want the most field of view check out large frame goggles. You’ll want to decide whether you’d prefer spherical or cylindrical shaped lensed goggles. With spherical goggles, you’ll have more peripheral vision and less glare, while cylindrical goggles typically provide a good performance at a lower cost.

For more information on goggles and to help you decide which would be best for you, check out our snowboard goggle buying and fit guide.